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Q: What is this?

A: Twitter + TikTok = TwikTwok.

Videos from twitter with the ui from TikTok

Q: Where do the videos come from?

A: The videos are randomly selected from the top video twitter accounts.

Q: Why don't the videos have sound?

A: You can unmute an individual video. Unfortunatly modern web browser don't like apps autoplaying sound so we had to disable this feature.

Q: Why does the page frequently reload?

A: This is for performance issues

Q: How to get a video featured?

A: Easy... just tweet a video #twiktwok

Q: Can you add x feature?

A: We had to remove a lot of features for performance reasons but contact us via the chat widget and we'll see what we can do.

Q: How to contact the makers?

A: Contact us via the chat widget


Icons by fontawesome.
This app uses the swiper.js library by Vladimir Kharlampidi